About Us

We’ve Pursued the Same Goal Since the Beginning

Since the beginning, we have transformed many dilapidated and neglected buildings, as well as creating state-of-the-art, ecologically aware homes such as Bedlam and Flow House.

Our areas of expertise include: planning; high levels of skill regarding refurbishment; consistently meeting budgets with impressive cost control; acquisition and recognising potential.

We are progressive forward thinking and always looking for good opportunities to add to our portfolio of work.


We Have a Long and Successful History

Since 1998 when we started in London, first creating a wonderful loft with innovative features, we have built our success on attention to detail!

Deborah Hebel

Deborah Hebel was an interest rate and swaps trader in the city for 12 years from 1986 with Sumitomo, Barclays and Bankers Trust.

Her passion for buildings led her to buy a disused public house and not with aspirations of being a landlady. She has not looked back thought sometimes she can be seen with her head in her hands marvelling at aspects of the construction industry!

She has brought her skills of finance and acquisition to a tangible product.

Her passion for design and architecture, maximising the use of land and space to create practical, ergonomically efficient spaces to life or as new inspiring homes.

She has also proved herself a consummate diplomat when working with planning considerations.

John Hebel

John Hebel is trained a a carpet joiner and has been a project manager since 1990 working for various London Architectural practices and private clients including Sothebys and Christies. You won’t see his head in is hands disclaiming the vagaries of the construction industry. He knows them!

You are more likely to see John showing someone how to solve a practical problem to make their trade work.

Johns technical expertise at assessing a properties structural condition and precision at ensuring projects work and function are invaluable to the team

He is fully conversant with how buildings are put together.

We have the expertise to make it happen…beautifully!

Passionate about the environment we all live in.

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Beautiful Homes + Interiors


F9c Stour Street
Canterbury Kent CT1 1BD

Registered Office: 27 New Dover Rd, Canterbury CT1 3DN

The Miseb Group of companies are a collection of property development companies formed and owned by John & Deborah Hebel.