45 Old Dover Road
Canterbury, Kent

Project Details

  • Property
    45 Old Dover Road
  • Location
    Canterbury, Kent
  • Year
  • Size
    5 Individual Flats
Project Team

Deborah Hebel |  Finance and Planning Director. 
Project Co-ordinator and Procurement.

John Hebel | Technical Director.
Director on-site Operations.


Purchased in October 2011 at Auction.

5 flats all rented in a poor but habitable condition, though flat 5 was in a very poor state. 

The flats were rented at the time for below a commercial rent. Refurbishment of each flat was undertaken taking 6 months in total.

No planning required.

Flats sold by 2013.

Condition on Purchase

Lounge after refurbishment



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F9c Stour Street
Canterbury Kent CT1 1BD

Registered Office: 27 New Dover Rd, Canterbury CT1 3DN

The Miseb Group of companies are a collection of property development companies formed and owned by John & Deborah Hebel.